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Ladies Hats
Grosgrain Trim $1.00 for 1 yards $2.50 - 3 yards

This dainty grosgrain ribbon is 1/4 inch wide and comes in several basic colors.

Click here to see a larger sample picture.
Trim Assortment $3.00

For a mix of the trims, we offer trim assortments. There will be 1 yard per color per trim totalling 10 yards overall. The trim assortments include the trims shown above, as well as, other trims we use in creating our miniatures. All the trims will be suitable for glueing or hand sewing onto other fabrics, papers, or other craft items. These assortments are nice if you don't know what you want or like to experiment with a variety. We also have a few other assortments so be sure to take a look at them too.
Fringe Trim $1.00 for 1 yards $2.50 - 3 yards

This shiny rayon fringe trim is lovely. The sheen is fantastic and there a isa little wave/curl movement to the fringe whichc adds to its character. It is lightweight enough that you can layer it for a fuller look without adding bulk. It comes in white, black, red, and cream.
Seed Bead Strands $1.00
Seed Bead Half Strands $2.00

These beads are 3-cut 12 aught seed beads. We like the extra sparkle of the 3 facets despite their being a little more irregular than some other seed beads. We use these beads for our necklaces and other jewelry pieces, but also for some of our hats or head pieces too. They would also look lovely on a special gown, artpiece, chandelier, or scrapbook project. They are temporarily strung on a 16 inch string for convenience. Pick your own 4 colors for the half-strand assortments. You will get about 8 inches worth of each of your 4 colors.

Click here to see a colors available.
Silk Ribbon Assortment $2.00

We offer 10 pieces of silk ribbon in varying widths and colors for a total of 10 yards. This is a nice assortment when variety is important.
Swarovski Rhinestones
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Chenille Trim
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