Welcome to our Specialty Collection of Ladies hats.

It comprises a very diverse group of hats, many of which are historically based. These are also our most unique hats. Indeed, they are mostly one-of-a-kind items. Classic Victorian styles such as turbans and picture hats are found in this collection, as well as, Elizabethan, Medieval, and other period and cultural style hats too. The materials used in our Specialty collection are varied. We use silks, velvets, cottons, whatever works best for the hat we are creating. Silk ribbons, Swarovski rhinestones and trims, and fabulous ostrich and turkey feathers are a few of the trims we use in the Specialty Collection too. Materials and trims all come together for a stunning miniature fit for a little lady, her boudoir, or shop. When making a Special Order hat, you can reference any of our Specialty Collection hats as a starting point, or use your own picture for an even more personalized miniature.

Our Silk Hat selection deserves special notice however. The primary material will always be silk for these hats, whether it be silk velvet or silk charmeuse, silk brocade or silk dupioni. The richness of the fabric isn't all that sets these hats apart. We also make many of our own trims and flowers for these one-of-a-kind hats. They are custom created to compliment the fabrics. While many milliners stop at handmade roses, we do much more variety in the flowers as well as the trims. We have also tried to incorporate many different historical periods with these silk hats as well. There are now more Georgian and Tudor/Elizabethan, and as always, the Victorian.

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