Miscellaneous Hats
Country Walk

A natural straw bonnet with a slight point in the front and a rounded dome crown. It is trimmed simply with a wine ribbon and a few flowers. It is picture perfect for a stroll in the country lanes.
Miss March

A shiny straw bonnet in hot pink to brighten the season. Trimmed with gray and shades of rosy pink. This is a jaunty little piece that is suitable for Victorian era and the modern lady too..
Golden Queen

This gold lame shaped hat has a decidedly foreign look. Would be suitable for a King of Queen of Old Egypt or other Mediterranean Kingdom.

A natural straw bonnet with a high domed crown and pinched upswept brim. It is trimmed with soft pink and rose pink flowers and a soft cream feather. It is a real charmer.
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Ladies Hats
All Specialty hats are $24.99
Send in the Clowns

A white felt base is decorated with either a solid red or multicolored for a festive clownish look. It is suitable for all ages and sexes.
Miss Liberty

A wine aida cloth hat that is trimmed with soft white and blue make this beauty a Fourth of July pick. Suitable for Victorian period and modern.

This stylishly shaped hat is reminiscent of Holland. Also suitable as a Medieval period hat. Shades of purple come together in a pleasing effect.
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